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Federico Vallin is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Integrative Cancer Coach and practices Intuitive Healthcare.

He has helped hundreds of people over the years overcome conditions such as Anxiety, Depression, Pain, Phobias, the Side Effects of Cancer and much more. 

He has specialized training in Medical Support for Cancer, Surgery Preparation, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Visualization Techniques, Health Coaching, Psychotherapy, EFT (Tapping), Mindfulness Practices, NLP, Advanced Theta Healing and Breathwork. 

His Intuitive abilities in combination with his clinical approach makes him a one of a kind practitioner devoted to helping people transcend their limitations since 2003. 

His latest offering is the Cancer Empowerment Program which is a unique 12 week Cancer Coaching Program that supports people in addressing all aspects of cancer. Moving them to find the power to thrive within themselves.

Federico's Story


Clinical Hypnotherapy
Integrative Cancer Coaching  
Intuitive Healthcare
EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping)
Hypnotherapy &
Energy Medicine



Federico, the last session was Amazing and Powerful. I have not had a depressive funk since, the anxiety has been greatly reduced and the last Chemo had No Side Effects. 

 Good news about the Cancer, well relatively speaking, the results of the MRI show it to be still static (Hasn’t grown). Now to continue the inner housekeeping. 

Looking forward to our next session!

April May Bellia

Federico, I just want to thank you for the mind blowing Hypno sessions. We have been working together for a couple of months now but this last one was so incredibly memorable. I can’t stop thinking about the door of TRUTH
This session has impacted me so deeply. My life is beginning to transcend to another level and I feel super supported. It’s a very exciting and significant milestone on my timeline. Our paths crossed at the perfect moment and I am ready for this work.
I sincerely hope everyone who sees this testimonial will also take the opportunity to experience your beautiful and amazing guidance

Tim Steinruck

I have been studying self hypnosis with Federico for the last few months. As a personal coach and a meditation practitioner I am amazed at the gifts I have received in a relatively short period of time. I am now able to enter a state of hypnosis faster and deeper than ever before and experience a greater and enhanced centring, focus and self awareness. Because of this I am able to serve myself and my clients in a more powerful and intuitive way. I am incredibly grateful for you Federico. Thank you.


Fran McElwaine

Federico is insightful and inspiring. He has enabled me to identify blocks and focus on the real issues.  His methods offer a fast-track to the real substance that needs to be addressed and his sessions are somehow both relaxing and galvanizing at the same time. Working with Federico is like having a weight lifted so you can move forward with more grace and ease.

Steve Behrisch

I've had the pleasure of working with Federico and have discovered new tools to help me on my journey to greater self-awareness and increased mental strength. Federico is kind, professional, and shows genuine interest in helping his students discover their potential from within. I highly recommend anyone looking to expand their inner potential and discover the healing power of Hypnosis to work with Vallin Hypnotherapy!


Candise Pearce 

Brilliant. Every time I finish a session I leave feeling confident and clear. I have come to more deep realizations and experienced more healing with Federico than with any other therapist. I am so grateful for our sessions together. Something new is revealed each time we meet. Federico is experienced, professional and relatable. I highly recommend him as a hypnotherapist and Spiritual coach.


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