Created Using Evidence Based Scientific Studies

Discover A 3 Step System That Helps Reduce The Negative Side Effects Of Cancer And Accelerate Recovery So You Can Get Back To Living A Life You Love


#1  Recalibrate Your Mind


  • Address stress, fear and anxiety
  • Process and heal emotional trauma
  • Find rest by holding a healing mindset
  • Discover and remove subconscious blocks

#2  Rebalance Your Body


  • Relaxation for deep body repair 
  • Learn pain management techniques
  • Receive modern food and nutrition advice 
  • Effectively manage all your physical side effects 
  • Understand how to effectively support your immune system 

#3  Revitalize Your Life 


  • Develop a mindset of success
  • Set health goals for a life beyond cancer
  • Develop a vision for your future without cancer
  • Detoxify all aspects of your life including relationships 


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What Results Can You Expect

  • Increased Energy Levels & Sleep
  • Reduced Nausea, Hot Flashes & Inflammation
  • Gain Dietary & Medical Supplementation Knowledge 
  • Improved Focus & Mental Clarity 
  • Naturally Boost Your Immune System 
  • Prepare for Surgery & Treatments 
  • Know How To Address Your Medical Visits
  • Lower Anxiety, Frustration & Depression 
  • Improved Pain Management Habits
  • Emotional Support & Care 
  • Design a Better Life with Better Relationships
  • Accelerate Post-Surgery Recovery
  • Detoxify Your Life Mentally, Emotionally & Physically 
  •  Improve Your Spiritual Connection 

Our Team

Alexis Jickling

Executive Director
Usui Reiki Master

Alexis embodies the perfect balance between being a successful business executive for the last 18 years, with her experience as a Reiki Master and Energy Healer.

She knows this program from the inside out and was involved in the design and the intricacies of the program’s creation.

She really loves people and wants to see every client succeed in their own unique way.

When she is not working on program development or in a healing session, she is passionate about the healing arts, outdoor sports and self development.

Federico Vallín

Program Director
Integrative Cancer Coach
Clinical Hypnotherapist

Federico is best known for helping cancer patients reduce their negative side effects and accelerate their recovery.

He has specialized training in Medical Support for Cancer, Surgery Preparation, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Visualization Techniques, Health Coaching, Psychotherapy, EFT (Tapping), Mindfulness Practices, NLP, Advanced Theta Healing and Breathwork. 

His Intuitive abilities in combination with his clinical approach makes him a one of a kind practitioner devoted to helping people transcend their limitations since 2003. 

Jenna Carmichael

Holistic Oncology Pharmacist
Side Effect Management Specialist

Jenna has been working with cancer patients for almost 10 years as a Pharmacist specializing in chemotherapy-induced side effect management. 

She takes a mind-body approach that combines her knowledge as a Board-Certified Oncology Pharmacist with the holistic healing methods of meditation, breathwork, herbs, and nutrition.

She helps her clients as they navigate the treatment journey through strategic support and personalized side effect management plans.


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What People Say About Us



Thank you Federico, I have felt a real shift since doing the exercises in your program. I was in so much pain and discomfort with all the meds. Some days were not the easiest but I'm so glad I gave it my all as you asked us!

I can manage my anxiety and pain much better. I have learned to stop the inner fight with cancer and send daily love and healing to my body instead. 

What a difference!


Federico, the last session was Amazing and Powerful. I have not had a depressive funk since, the anxiety has been greatly reduced and the last Chemo had No Side Effects. 

Good news about the Cancer, well relatively speaking, the results of the MRI show it to be still static (Hasn’t grown). Now to continue the inner housekeeping. 

Looking forward to our next session!


I just came back from another treatment and wanted to thank you as I'm feeling so much calmer. Even my kids can see it. Before joining your program I was feeling a lot of unfairness about the whole thing. It is truly incredible how everything starts with understanding stress and becoming friends with the thoughts in your mind. There are so many different techniques you taught us. I have a pretty awesome set of tools to choose from for whatever arises in life. 

Thank you

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