* Feel Calm & Confident Before, Through & After Medical Procedures


* Substantially Save on Medical Bills


* Use 23-50% Less Pain Medication


* Accelerate Recovery 



Support for Cancer &

Medical Patients

A deeply effective powerful subconscious reinforcement strategy for those who have received a Cancer or another significant diagnosis   *Highly recommended for trauma from diagnosis or previous medical operations, *Learn how to personally support your own medical procedure.


* Reduce Anxiety & Stress

* Sleep Easier  

* Manage Pain & Discomfort

* Spiritual Support 

Chemotherapy & Radiation Support

Visualize healing and success Before, During and After medical procedures has supported thousands of patients to feel more Relaxed, Confident, and see greater results.


* Increase the effectiveness of treatment 

* Feel more relaxed and confident about your procedure

Accelerated Recovery   

Accelerated Healing & Recovery

Ideal as support for those recovering from Surgery, Injuries, AccidentsPhysiotherapy, Chemotherapy, Chiropractic or undergoing medical treatment


* This offering has shown significant success in accelerating the Physical, Psychological & Emotional Recovery of the patient



Preparation for Surgery 

Designed for Surgery Patients to listen Before, During or After Medical Procedures, Chemotherapy, Physical Rehabilitation and Recovery


Reduce Anxiety Before  & Through Surgery

Accelerate Healing & Appetite

Identify Limiting Thoughts & Fears and Learn how to Transcend Them


 Surgery Support & 

Accelerated Healing

With the use of Clinical Hypnosis medical patients can enter surgery with confidence and remain calm through their procedure. Patients can also heal and recover significantly faster.


Support for Cancer Patients

Clinical Hypnotherapy can efficiently Support Cancer Patients to Ease the Side Effects of Cancer and Accelerate Recovery

Disclaimer: I, Federico Vallin do not practice medicine or psychotherapy and my work and services are not a replacement for counselling, psychotherapy, psychiatric or medical treatment. They are simply intended as complementary to medicine. Consult with your physician for further advice.



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