Hypnotherapy Programs  


3 Session Program

Perfect for those who are interested in experiencing Hypnosis for the first time. Personal goals can be successfully achieved when these sessions are complemented with a Personalized Audio Recording and are listen to regularly. 

6 Session Program  

 This deeply effective program, is a powerful subconscious reinforcement strategy. Highly recommended for the transformation of phobias, fears, debilitating habits, trauma and self improvement.

10 Session Program

 This format is recommended for the management of deeper challenges like cancer, accident recovery, distress due to terminal illness or dying and for the emotional support of self esteem, anxiety and depression.  

Exam Success

Improve Memory, Accelerate Learning, Remain Calm & Confident During Exams and Tests - Retrieve Information with Confidence

Ideal for students of: 

*BAR & *Real Estate Exam, *Nursing, *CPA program, *SAT Test, etc. 

 Learn more about how Hypnotherapy & Self-Hypnosis helps reducing Test Anxiety, Accelerate Learning & Improve Academic Achievement

Personalized Audio Recording

These effective recordings can be tailored to your own needs:

Surgery Preparation & Recovery, Exam Anxiety & Stress (Bar, Nursing, Dentistry, Real State, etc) Public Speaking, Sports Performance, Self Esteem, Weight Management and Smoking Cessation, Medical Applications, Dentistry and more.

Used by:

Patients, Students, Athletes, Professional Performers, Doctors, Speakers and anyone looking for self Empowerment, Improved Concentration & Growth.  


Children's Hypnosis

Through a process of Creative Visualization and other Imaginative Methods, a few sessions can transform your child's life in areas such as:

- Self Esteem - Bed Wetting - Allergies - Nail Biting - Improve Sleep - Fears & Phobias - Divorce



Hypnotherapy Combined with Reiki Energy Medicine

This unique offering combines Hypnotherapy with Federico and Reiki Energy Medicine with Alexis. This Powerful Combination of Hypnotherapy and Reiki Energy Medicine is given simultaneously. 

Alexis is a highly in-tune Usui Reiki Master who’s been on the spiritual & consciousness path for decades. Her Energy Healing work supports her clients in grounding and expanding their energy bodies so they can naturally access their own self-healing abilities.

Together they combine a wealth of experience and extend a form of guidance that will help you reach your optimal health and integrate your personal-consciousness findings into your everyday life.

Free Consultation

Hypnotherapy Coaching

For Hypnotherapists, Therapists, & Life Coaches.

Becoming a professional is not as simple as receiving your diploma and "give it a try".

Working with me as a mentor and coach, you will learn first hand the crucial elements that will make a difference for you such as:

- How to mindfully speak and listen to people

- Express yourself & read client's body language 

- Master the art of conversation

And, most importantly, develop the style of your own sessions.


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What is Hypnosis?

Is it safe?

Hypnosis is a natural and safe state of mind which is induced by continuous deep relaxation. 

Self improvement ideas are then suggested to the subconscious mind, resulting in freedom from fear based programming and assumed limitations.  

Naturally, It works best when there's readiness and openness for change.



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